Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

Greetings and welcome to Foley Music and Arts Online Music Studio, located in Oakville, Ontario! If you're interested in online piano lessons, our primary piano teachers are Chris Foley and Natasha Fransblow. Isabella Foley teaches our beginner students. A special hello goes out to visitors from the Collaborative Piano Blog, one of my favorite long-term projects. If you're a pianist who is interested in developing your skills in an online or distanced in-person environment where process is valued as much as the final product, our studio may be the right place for you. 


 In our Oakville studio we teach on a rebuilt 1928 Steinway Model M grand piano, as well as a 1971 Yamaha U1 upright that has been refitted with a German action. Quality of practicing is really important to me, and I've written a free ebook on the subject . We have a system of sending out lesson notes to parents and students that ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding current goals and objectives. With online lessons, we are able to use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching strategies to help you fulfill your learning goals throughout the week.



Piano Students

We currently teach students from beginner to professional levels, and are currently accepting students of all ages and abilities. Play the music you've always wanted to learn and develop your skills using some of the most effective methods available in music education.

Students in our studio will have the opportunity to perform in a class recital several times a year, in addition to being encouraged to compete at local festivals and competitions. 

Vocal Coaching

The singer's craft encompasses many areas of expertise. In addition to the mechanics of voice production, traditionally taught by a voice teacher, it is often necessary for singers to also see a vocal coach, who can work on issues such as ensemble, diction, poetics, recital and audition preparation, and repertoire building. I specialize in working with advanced singers that are ready to audition for graduate and young artist programs, as well as perform at a professional level.