About Me

My name is Chris Foley. I'm a pianist with a passion for teaching, collaborative piano, blogging, technology, productivity, and curriculum creation. I'm a faculty member and Senior Examiner for RCM Examinations, and travel North America for several months out of the year listening to hundreds of promising young musicians. I have a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Eastman School of Music, and have previously taught at  the Vancouver Academy of Music and the University of British Columbia. 

I like building stuff. In 2005 I started the Collaborative Piano Blog, which has since become one of the top classical music blogs in the world. A few years ago, I wrote a free ebook called 31 Days to Better Practicing, and I'm honored to hear that it has inspired so many people to develop and continue their practice journey. In mid 2012, my wife Wendy Hatala Foley and I started Foley Music and Arts, a company designed to encompass our various arts activities, and since then the process of running a startup company has transformed the way I look at running a studio in today's changing arts climate. 

One of my most interesting projects at present is working on the technique and repertoire revisions for the Royal Conservatory's upcoming 2015 Piano Syllabus. Along with Thomas Green and Anne-Marie Page, we looked at over 600 new works for the developing pianist, some of which will make the cut for the upcoming repertoire lists. Janet Lopinski and I are also working on revising and streamlining the technique component for all grades. This spring I'll also be working as Artistic Advisor for the 2015 Piano Syllabus recordings, featuring a lineup a pianists that includes Janet Lopinski, Peter Longworth, Diane Werner, Robert Kortgard, Ben Smith, Michael Esch, and Lang Ning Liu.