Musicians: Avoid Injury With These Useful Stretches

Sunday, January 4, 2015 by Chris Foley | Practice Tips

The key to a long career in playing any instrument is a healthy musculature. Pianists are particularly susceptible to repetitive strain injuries, so a healthy physical approach should be a priority at all times. Rhona-Mae Arca writing in Busted Piano String has a list of 8 useful exercises that can be done every day in a little as 5 minutes. Some advice from Rhona-Mae:

Never stretch to the point of pain. Strive for a gentle stretch. If you are already suffering from a repetitive strain injury, consult a doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist or registered massage therapist (licensed in therapeutic massage) before attempting these exercises.

By spending as little as five minutes a day on stretching exercises, musicians can alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, prevent tendinitis. This can lead to many years of healthy and pain-free years of music-making.

Arm and Hand Stretches for Musicians